Before starting VIO care! Basic keys you absolutely need to know

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This time's theme is "Before starting VIO care! Basics you should definitely know."


In recent years, awareness of the beauty of the delicate zone has increased.

VIO care is particularly popular among women in their 30s and 40s, but it is important to have the correct knowledge and methods to perform appropriate care.

So, let's focus on ingredients such as vitamin C and explain the basics of VIO care.

The relationship between vitamin C and the delicate zone

Vitamin C is an essential ingredient for maintaining skin health, and is particularly effective as an antioxidant.

The delicate zone is sensitive to irritation and is prone to skin problems caused by external factors such as friction and hair removal.

Vitamin C is effective in preventing and caring for such skin damage.

Types and characteristics of vitamin C

In addition to its natural form (L-ascorbic acid), vitamin C also exists as vitamin C derivatives.

L-ascorbic acid has a high immediate effect, but it has the disadvantage of being easily soluble in water and easily oxidized.

On the other hand, vitamin C derivatives penetrate slowly into the skin, are highly stable, and are less irritating to the skin, making them suitable for delicate zone care.

Effect of vitamin C on dullness

What is particularly noteworthy about VIO care is its approach to dullness.

Dull skin is caused by melanin accumulation and poor blood circulation, but vitamin C has the effect of suppressing melanin production.

This can be expected to care for and prevent dullness.

How to choose a cream containing vitamin C

When choosing a cream for sensitive areas, it is important to not only choose the type of vitamin C, but also whether it contains ingredients that are gentle to the skin.

It's best to choose products that claim to be fragrance-free, additive-free, and hypoallergenic.

Also, check the feel of the product and how well it blends into your skin.

VIO hair removal and vitamin C care

After VIO hair removal, the skin tends to become sensitive afterwards.

This already delicate area becomes even more delicate, so care must be taken with care.

By using a cream or lotion containing vitamin C on your skin after hair removal, you can expect to soothe and tone up your skin.

VIO care procedure

VIO care basically follows the steps below:

1. Clean: First, gently wash and clean your sensitive areas.

2. Apply cream: Take an appropriate amount of vitamin C-containing cream and apply it in a gentle massage motion.

3. Stay hydrated: After applying the cream, protect your skin with a moisturizing lotion or oil.

Points to note about VIO care

- Avoid harsh ingredients and choose products that are gentle on your skin.

- Avoid rough handling and provide gentle care.

- If you notice any changes in your condition, immediately stop using it and consult a specialist doctor.


Vitamin C is a very effective ingredient in VIO care.

However, the sensitive areas are very sensitive, so you need to be careful about the products you choose.

Arm yourself with the right knowledge and take appropriate care.

From dullness care to moisturizing, make good use of products containing vitamin C and aim for a beautiful VIO zone.

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