up meクリームお肌へのやさしさのヒミツ

up me cream The secret of gentleness on the skin

What is stable neutral vitamin C*1 derivative?

Contains 10% of our proprietary stable neutral vitamin C derivative.

When you want to brighten your skin and buy moisturizing skin care products, which ingredients do you focus on the most?

Vitamin C*1 is an ingredient that is gentle on the skin and leads to clear skin.
It is useful for sunburn care, pores, dullness*, and skin problems.

However, the problem was that the higher the density, the more it irritated the skin, causing too much irritation such as ``stinging'', ``tingling'', and ``pain''.

We have overcome this challenge by successfully developing stable neutral vitamin C "MIRA-VC"*1 which is gentle on the skin.

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